Perelandra Virtual Garden Tour (K: How To Get Started)

A virtual tour of the Perelandra garden given by Machaelle’s garden assistants during the 2007 season. (How To Get Started: Part 11 of 12) If you are interested in pursuing what we are doing for yourself, Machaelle has made it easy for you to get started. How to get the information for a garden, farm, backyard or any natural area is fully broken down and explained in step-by-step processes in the Perelandra Garden Workbook, the Perelandra Garden Workbook II and in Video 1: The Perelandra Garden, where Machaelle herself, gives a full private tour of the garden. Now, if you think you can get out of this because you have no land for tilling and planting, Hah! You’ve not been left out of this! All of the processes that have been worked out in this garden and described in the two Workbooks apply equally to any “garden.” These processes bridge us to nature whenever we wish to establish a co-creative partnership. So, if your garden is your family and home, or your business or workplace, the Perelandra Garden Workbooks give you the approaches and processes for incorporating nature in a co-creative partnership. Workbook I tells you how to set up the partnership and the kinds of questions you can ask. Workbook II gives you the processes you’ll need for a soil-less garden. And in Video 3: Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens, Machaelle explains how to set up a soil-less garden and apply the information in the two Workbooks. “Why would you want to do this?” you ask. Because

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  1. maerichl says:

    I’ve already started… and this information was very useful. I appreciate all the work that went into this production to share with us on YouTube. Thank you!

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