Nevada Koi Pond

Our pond is 33′ x 18′. The depth is from 3′ – 4.5′. It has 2 Savio skimmers with 1 Savio UV light in each. 2 Savio pumps pushing about 3700 gallons per hour. There are 10 koi and about a dozen goldfish-also, there are a lot of mosquito fish(very helpful). My suggestion to anyone wanting to build their own Koi pond- make it as big as you can the first time!!!!!- this was my 4th time!!

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2 Responses to Nevada Koi Pond

  1. 10kpondguy says:

    beautiful pond. i agree, mine is the third pond ive built, and im gonna go even bigger next time around, in a few years, lol. great job. fish and plants look great.

  2. nightstalkerrc says:

    looks good……..could probably use more plants in that desert heat tho, huh?

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