How to Design and Install a Brick or Pavers Walkway or Patio

Lowe’s expert, Mike Kraft, shows viewers how to design, install and build a brick or paver walkway or patio. Learning how to install paver blocks or bricks is easy and with a little help, you can build your own walkway or patio. For more videos like this one, visit

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6 Responses to How to Design and Install a Brick or Pavers Walkway or Patio

  1. nemermotorgroup says:

    Used this tutorial to put in my slate patio this weekend. 1st timer with a patio and it looks great! Finished in 1 weekend.

  2. 99knight says:

    @nemermotorgroup how much dose it cost?

  3. nemermotorgroup says:

    The house I bought had a bunch of slate around the yard used for various landscaping, so I didn’t have to buy any stone. It only cost me about $150 total for all materials, not sure what it would’ve cost if I had to buy the stone.

  4. mission762008 says:

    Nice video..however I have a question. How would you deal with steps? I would imagine after awhile the pavers used at the steps would come loose and fall when stepped on at the edges? Do you concrete theose in?

  5. TheWinningGambler says:

    @nemermotorgroup it’ll ring you up to about $1,300

  6. UrLifescape says:

    Great work, we are a designing company in Southern California and just took photo’s of a new paver product coming out in 2011. It has a 3D effect and a unique star pattern. We are interested to find out if this paver application could be a potential seller in your area? Call LifeScape or comment on our youtube UrLifescape Channel, we are interested in your opinion. Thank you.

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