Leafy Tier Fountain

Leafy Tier Fountain Delicate passion flower vines dance around the Passion Flower Planter and are stopped only by a solid, smooth band which encircles the top. This SET of 3 planters includes various sizes, all in Antico Terra Cotta. The Passion Flower Planter Set of Three in Antico Terra Cotta is fired around 1000 degrees centigrade to ensure frost resistance and durability.The manufacturer recommends storing your outdoor products in a frost-free covered area in winter. If let out, water may accumulate in the container and freeze, causing the planter to crack Set of Three Includes: 21 inches in diameter by 21 inches tall 17 inches in diameter by 17 inches tall 13 inches in diameter by 13 inches tallSet of Three Weighs 123 lbsThe Passion Flower Planter Set of Three in Antico Terra Cotta usually ships from the factory in 2 weeks from order date Shipping is Available to any Location located within the 48 Contigious United States Your item will arrive securely packed on a pallet. The truck driver will use a lift gate to place your palletized item on your property, but cannot assist with final placement, installation, or unpacking.Ships to any address in the Contigious 48 United States Free

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