Fountain Cover, Xx-Large

Fountain Cover, Xx-Large Prolong the life of your XX-Large sized outdoor fountain from freezing, wet weather during the colder season with the lightweight, durable Fountain Cover, XX-Large. The fountain cover is manufactured of durable, reinforced polyethylene. The cover is waterproof and may be used year after year. The Fountain Cover, XX-Large fits fountains up to 100" tall and 100" wide. Other Sizes are Available. Lightweight and easy to put on. Blocks damaging UV rays. Features a locking drawstring to help make a more secure cover. Ships via UPS to any address in the Continental USA. Normally ships from the factory within 6 to 7 weeks of order date. NOTE: It is important for you to drain your fountain and store the pump inside dur ing freezing weather. All concrete, including cast stone concrete, is slightly porous, which allows small amounts of moisture to absorb into the fountain. If this moisture freezes, it can cause small cracks or chips. Ensure that your outdoor fountain will last for many years by protecting it with a Fountain Cover. Order today!

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