The Palazzo Urn Fountain

The Palazzo Urn Fountain This beautiful cast stone fountain features a unique quatrefoil basin. The Palazzo Urn Fountain itself can easily become the perfect focal point for any outdoor area. Water sprays up out of the center of the urn, creating one of the water features. Water then also flows from the column out of copper spouts into the unique basin below. One of our all time favorites, the Palazzo Urn Fountain is made out of cast stone and is designed to last you a lifetime. Shown in the Greystone (GS) patina (color), this fountain is available in your choice of classic and distinct patinas. Proudly constructed in the United States from premium cast stone concrete. Includes variable speed, U.L. listed, recir culating fountain pump. Cord is black, 5-6 feet long, and plugs into any standard 3-prong 110v electrical outlet. Cord comes out of the back of the base of the fountain. An outdoor-rated extension cord can be used to lengthen the cord. Requires no plumbing. Water recirculates within the fountain. The Palazzo Urn Fountain is 45" tall, 45" wide, and 45" front to back. Total weight is 880 pounds. Specific assembly instructions are included with each fountain. Shipping is to any address in the Continental USA. Ships from factory 2 weeks from order date. Your fountain will arrive securely packed on a pallet. The truck driver will use a lift gate to place your palletized fountain on your property, but cannot assist with final placement or installation. Winter Care Information: Protect your fountain from freeze-thaw cycles. All concrete, including cast stone concrete, is slightly porous, which allows small amounts of moisture to absorb into the fountain. If this moisture freezes , it can cause small cracks or chips. The fountain may be left in severe freezing weather, provided it is dry. It is recommended that the pump be brought indoors during periods of freezing weather. Placement: Always place fountains on a solid, level foundation, for instance concrete, patio, or deck. If the fountain is to be placed on softer ground, two inches of level pea gravel or packed sand will provide your fountain a solid, long term foundation. Free Shipping to any address in the Continental USA! Order your Palazzo Urn Fountain today!

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